L Shaped Timber Frame Houses

Timber frame houses that are L-shaped help solve a variety of architectural challenges. This can include addressing privacy concerns in crowded areas and future-proofing homes for aging or disabled family members. This contemporary timber frame home impressed local planners and satisfied the homeowners’ desire for a warm, energy efficient dwelling. They used timber frame company …

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stacked wood cabin

Stacked Wood Cabins

Stacked log cabins are a great choice for those who want to build a traditional log home. This construction method uses a mix of handcrafted and milled logs, depending on the preparation mode. The logs are stacked course by course to form the walls. They are tightly notched, which minimizes gaps and doesn’t require chinking. …

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wooden log cabins for sale

Wooden Log Cabins For Sale

Log cabins are the ideal place for a tranquil retreat. One owner said she finds that spending time in her log cabin rejuvenates her energy level. Residential log cabins are a great choice for those who love a natural architectural style and sustainable way of living. Many customers choose to live in them permanently. Cedar …

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waney edge cabin

Waney Edge Cabin Cladding

For a rustic look, nothing beats the stunning natural beauty of wood cladding. Whether used on cabins, homesteads or even commercial projects, the stunning look of waney edge cladding has a charm all of its own. This 18m2 cabin features a mix of Red Cedar shingles and Oak waney edge on the front wall. A …

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modern timber frame cabin

Modern Timber Frame Cabins

Modern timber frame cabins are designed to reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings. They feature open layouts, oversized windows that frame landscape views and beautiful angled timber roof trusses. Modern timber frames can incorporate steel components in their design to create a striking contrast with the wood. This style of modern mountain home also …

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green oak frame house

Why Choose an Oak Frame House?

Oak framed buildings are a tried and tested building technology. They are held together using traditional mortice and tenon, lap and dovetail joints. Green oak frames are unseasoned, and this means that they will shrink throughout their first couple of years. However, this is a totally natural process and doesn’t weaken the timber. Structural Strength …

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2 story timber frame house

A 2 Story Timber Frame House

Timber frame homes are typically built to be energy efficient. They feature thick walls that are often insulated and have strong nailing surfaces. The heavy timber beams and trusses work as a unit to carry the floor and roof loads. They do not need load-bearing walls as in conventional stick-framed houses. 1. Open Floor Plan …

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japanese timber frame cabin

Japanese Timber Frame Cabin

Unlike Western timber framing, Japanese post and beam maintains a closer relationship to nature by using naturally curved building members. They also reduce the use of diagonal bracing. Owner of Groton Timberworks Nathan Puffer became a fan of Japanese timber frame after traveling to Japan to study traditional tea room design. He has a deep …

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