44mm log timber

Different Sizes and Thicknesses of Log Cabins

44mm log timber

A log cabin is the perfect place to create your own outdoor space. Whether you’re planning to spend time relaxing, entertaining or working, there are various sizes and thicknesses available to suit your needs.

The 44mm log timber is a popular choice for garden offices and home office cabins as it offers excellent heat retention, allowing the building to be used all year round. It can be more expensive than a 19mm building but will offer greater insulation and a premium feeling for the price.


The 19mm log thickness is one of the most popular sizes because of its budget-friendly price, whilst still being strong and durable. It is ideal for more compact gardens and is half way between shed-style summer houses and heavier cabins. However, you should remember that these buildings do not have the same weatherproof qualities as those with thicker wall thicknesses.

The next size up from 19mm is 28mm, which is a little stronger and has a higher build strength. These log cabins are perfect for those with a more premium style summer house that will be used in the warmer months. They also have the added benefit of being able to be double glazed, which can help with thermal efficiency and insulation.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have a range of log cabins that are available with different log timber thicknesses to suit your needs. These log buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for many purposes, including as a guest room, a workshop or even as a garden office.

A 19mm log building is perfect if you’re on a tight budget and want to create a space that you can use for a number of different activities, such as a home office or even a workshop. These cabins have an interlocking construction which is extremely strong and sturdy, making them the perfect option for those who are after a secure garden building.

44mm log timber is another very popular choice, as it’s the thickest log thickness that we have on offer. This type of building is great for those who want to use their log cabin throughout the year, and it’s often the preferred choice for customers that are looking for a log garden office. It’s also a very strong and robust building, and it can keep in as much heat as possible during the winter.


Log timber thickness can be a major factor when choosing your garden cabin. A higher wall thickness enables you to use your building more often throughout the year. This can mean that you are able to save money on heating and running costs, as well as gaining a more premium feel from your building.

Generally, for a garden office you will need thicker logs to ensure that you can stay comfortable and warm through the winter months. For a summerhouse you may not need this thickness but for a more premium cabin or garden pub this is a great choice as it will help with keeping the heat in during the spring and summer.

A 19mm wall thickness is ideal for a summerhouse and offers good durability without breaking the budget. A single glazing option is recommended for these buildings as they are usually used in the summer months.

Many of our garden buildings have these log thicknesses which makes them perfect for those on a budget and for use in the warmer weather. Because of this, they are an ideal place to entertain and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety.

Our log cabins are made from slow grown Nordic Spruce which provides a very strong and durable building. The timber has a tight grain and less sap than fast growing British or Eastern Europe timber, so it is more resistant to decay. The interlocking tongue and groove construction of the cabins retains heat and reduces draughts. Whether you are looking for a contemporary cabin or a traditional log home, we have the perfect cabin to fit your needs. A fantastic addition to any garden.


Suitable for most garden rooms, summer houses and workshops, this wall thickness offers an excellent insulation. Its thicker walls also help to make the building more durable and tough, making it ideal for heavy-duty uses in harsh weather conditions. It is a popular choice for customers who wish to have their garden office, garden workshop or garden room all year round.

The main characteristic of this log timber is its high shrinkage and bending tendency, but it can be controlled with proper kiln-drying. This can make it a more expensive option than other species, but it can provide excellent finishes to a log home.

Another important feature of this log timber is its resistance to fungi and insects. If you plan to clad your cabin in exterior insulation, this will be vital as it helps prevent mould and mildew from growing inside the building.

In addition, the timber can be stained with an oil based stain and treated with additives to prevent mold. This can be done during the installation process, or afterward to give the logs a fresh new look.

Many customers choose to use this type of log timber for their garden offices, because it provides a comfortable and cosy environment throughout the year. It is a versatile choice that can be used for any purpose, and the thickness of the timber walls makes it ideal for keeping warm in spring and autumn.


44mm log timber is one of the thicker options on the market, and is great for providing a homely feel to your garden building. Double tongue and groove construction tightly interlocks to reduce draughts and retain heat, offering a cosy space.

This wall thickness is especially popular with our customers looking to create a garden office, or even a games room in their new building. With a large choice of sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs and budget.

A 44mm thick timber wall is also a good idea if you’re planning to use your garden building all year round, as it will help with thermal insulation and reduce your winter heating costs. The extra weight will also help to protect your investment from the elements, and you can expect your new building to last for a long time.

44mm thick walls are particularly suited to garden rooms, summer houses and workshops that will be used most of the year. These garden buildings will be insulated enough for spring sleepovers, but they’ll also provide warmth when damp autumn sets in. The best part is that you can make these buildings work for you in every season – and they’re much cheaper to run than a traditional garage or shed.


66mm log timber is a thicker than 28mm, which significantly upgrades the longevity of a single skin cabin and improves thermal insulation qualities. It’s perfect for use in log cabins, granny annexes and garden rooms that need to withstand harsh weather conditions. The thickness also makes the building much more sturdier and durable, as well as more resistant to strong wind and hail. It’s also a great choice for log buildings that are going to be used primarily in the winter, as it can help retain warmth throughout the colder months.

While some species can have a tendency to shrink, twist or warp, most can be controlled through good materials handling and processing procedures. For example, if you’re planning to use kiln-dried logs in your home, you’ll want to ensure that they are dried thoroughly. This is important to avoid deterioration due to biological factors such as fungi and insects. Additionally, you’ll need to check that the logs you choose are straight and consistent in diameter. This will also help you ensure that they can be joined correctly.