HGTV’s Timber Kings Gives a Closer Look at Log Cabins

In the small town of Williams Lake, British Columbia, the crew at Pioneer Log Homes creates some of the most intriguing log cabins. Their HGTV series “Timber Kings” gives viewers a clear perspective of their process.

These builders roll up their sleeves and hand-craft noble Red Cedar logs into stunning cabins, homes, chalets, and other structures. It’s work that they relish, day in and day out.


If you’re interested in building a log cabin, it’s important to know what the costs will be. You will need to pay for the cost of the land, on-site labor, and materials. You should also consider how much you’ll spend on utilities and services. A typical cabin will cost about $70 per square foot.

The average log home is 20 to 30 percent more expensive than a conventional house, but they last up to 300 years. They are also more energy-efficient than conventional homes. If you are considering a log home, be sure to choose a builder with a good reputation and experience. Search for licensed, insured, and bonded builders with a history of building log homes. Also, make sure to get a written contract that includes the timeline, payment schedule, and warranty details.

In the small town of Williams Lake, British Columbia, a team of master log-smiths create some of the world’s most unique log homes. These handcrafted structures are then taken apart and shipped around the globe for re-construction on clients’ lots. The process is documented on the show “Timber Kings,” which airs on HGTV Canada. The show is a fascinating look at the challenges and drama of creating gorgeous log homes.

There are different types of log cabins, ranging from traditional full-scribe designs to modern post and beam construction. Full-scribe log homes use notches to form vertical and horizontal logs that are stacked together. Post and beam construction uses round vertical log posts with large horizontal logs to form a structural frame that is secured with metal fasteners and brackets. Square-cut timber frames are similar to post and beam homes, but they utilize square logs instead of round ones.

A log cabin requires a lot of maintenance, including staining and sealing the logs. You should also keep an eye out for signs of rot and settling, which can be costly to repair. You should also make sure your cabin is well insulated to prevent heat loss and moisture buildup.

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Log cabins are popular among people looking for a more rustic feel. These homes are more energy efficient and are made from natural materials, which can last 300 years or more. They are also more affordable than traditional homes. Many people are drawn to these homes because of their natural beauty and the sense of being at one with nature. However, they are more expensive to maintain than other types of homes, because they can suffer from problems like rot and settling.

Timber Kings is a reality show on HGTV that follows the crew of Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. The show showcases their amazing log home building skills and the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The company specializes in building both custom and semi-custom log structures, including rental cabins, playhouses, hotels, barns, and more. It uses a unique process to integrate its logs into the structure of the home, which includes a precision dimensioning system and inter-log fastening. They use a variety of native species, including Red Cedar and spruce, to create their structures.

The crew of Timber Kings works out of Williams Lake, British Columbia. They build upscale log houses for clients. They are then shipped to the client’s property and reassembled on the site. The show is a fascinating look at the construction of a log home and the challenges involved in it.

Unlike other shows that follow builders, Timber Kings is not about the finished product, but about the process of constructing the house. The show focuses on the hard work of the crew and the challenges they face during the construction process. The show also highlights the beauty of a log home and its unique features.

The first episode of Timber Kings aired in March 2014. It followed the crew as they assembled a log home on a lakefront lot in Big White, British Columbia. The episode showcased the crew as they worked together to create a beautiful, custom log home for a family. The episode concluded with Andre Chevigny, the general manager of Pioneer Log Homes, climbing to the highest exposed beam in the home and smashing a bottle of champagne on it. The ritual is a unique twist on the time-honored tradition of ship christenings.


Log cabins require regular maintenance to prevent water damage. In addition, they need to be inspected periodically for insect infestations and moisture problems. If these issues are not handled immediately, they could lead to serious problems. The best way to prevent these issues is to have a professional inspect your log home regularly. The best way to do this is to hire a company that specializes in log home restoration. These companies can provide chinking, sealing, and other services to help your log cabin last for years.

Log homes are a beautiful, rustic, and historic type of home that can be built in many different locations. However, these homes must be constructed correctly to ensure the longevity of the structure. They also require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes cleaning and staining. This process can be difficult and time consuming, but it is necessary to maintain the beauty of your home.

The HGTV reality show Timber Kings follows the master log builders of Pioneer Log Homes from Williams Lake, British Columbia as they build jaw-dropping log mansions across North America and around the world. The show combines the grit of reality TV with the high craftsmanship of log construction.

Timber Kings is a family-owned business that produces massive, multimillion dollar log homes in a small town in British Columbia. The team consists of master log smiths who use hand tools to build the homes, then dismantle and ship them to clients around the world. The show follows the builders as they work under tight deadlines and extreme pressure.

HGTV’s hit reality series Timber Kings shows the behind-the-scenes drama of a log home build. The crew from Timber Kings is comprised of rough-hewn B.C. log smiths who speak with a frickin’ British accent and use words like “frickin’” and “smashin.” The show has become one of the most popular in HGTV history.

To build a log cabin, the builders must first hand-peel the raw logs and scribe them to fit together. They then sand and chink them to seal the joints. These processes make the homes more energy efficient and durable. A well-built log home can last more than 300 years. The wood used for the logs can vary depending on location. Some of the most common types include cedar, pine, and spruce. Fir is also used, although it may not be as durable. It has a low shrinkage rate, but it is not resistant to fungus or insects.

Energy efficiency

Despite the popular image of log homes as rustic, these structures are often surprisingly energy-efficient. Logs have natural insulating properties that help them retain heat in the summer and distribute it evenly throughout the home during the winter. They also offer acoustic dampening that reduces noise in the house. As a bonus, logs are far more environmentally friendly than other building materials. They require much less energy to harvest and produce considerably fewer greenhouse gases.

The Timber King family-owned company has been producing top-quality log homes since 1971. Their wide choice of floor plans allows for a range of design ideas, from traditional to modern. The company is committed to ecologically friendly and sustainable construction and has planted seven million tree seedlings. Its goal is to create homes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

One of the most popular ways to build a log cabin is through a post and beam system. This type of construction uses a system of log posts that run throughout the structure, and is typically easier to construct than a traditional stacked-log home. It is also more thermally efficient, and it experiences fewer problems with settling.

Another advantage of this type of construction is its durability. While most stacked-log homes are rated by engineers to last only 300 years, post and beam log homes can be rated by engineers to last over 800 years. Nevertheless, the longevity of a log home depends on how well it is built and maintained.

In addition to offering a range of log cabin designs, Timber Kings can custom-build a log home or chalet. They use a variety of woods, including western red cedar, spruce, and yellow cedar. The wood is sourced from windfalls and standing trees, and it is dried in a climate-controlled environment to ensure that it is at equilibrium with the local climate. The drying process can take several years, and it is important to keep the logs protected from weather and pests during this time.

The company’s large logs are handcrafted and fit together seamlessly, without the need for glue or fasteners. They use a unique method that involves designing the logs with precise dimensions, and then fitting them together using inter-log fastening and unique timber joinery.