45mm log cabin timber

Log Cabin Timber Thickness

45mm log cabin timber

Whether you want to create a log cabin garden office or an outdoor home gym, it’s important to consider the thickness of your building. Some log cabin suppliers use rock wool insulation which has a low u-value compared to foiled poly iso sheets.

All our log cabins have fully interlocking corner logs that slot into each other – this makes the cabin draughtproof, weatherproof and strong. We recommend treating the timber on-site only after it has been fitted as treating before may cause the logs to swell.

Kent Garden Office

If you’re looking to set up a garden office or work space with plenty of room and high-quality materials, then our Kent Garden Office could be the perfect choice for you. This garden building is crafted in Britain from FSC-certified, kiln-dried timber and boasts a robust and durable construction thanks to its 34mm interlocking log walls. Its floor and roof are both made from premium 19mm tongue and groove, offering exceptional strength and weatherproofing. Additionally, the Kent features glazed double doors and opening windows that are supplied with toughened glass as standard.

With a ridge height of over 2 metres, this garden cabin is incredibly spacious and offers plenty of headroom to comfortably move around in. Its large double doors provide easy access, and they’re fitted with a key-operated rim lock to keep your valuables secure. Moreover, it includes 5 opening windows, which allow natural light to flood the interior of your garden shed.

The Kent Garden Office is available in a variety of different styles and finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences. You can choose between a Traditional Style with Georgian bars or a Modern Style for a clean and minimalistic look. It is also possible to upgrade your building with a Premium option that includes double-glazing for extra warmth throughout the year.

Using a garden building as a work space or home office can help you to stay productive, especially during the winter. This will allow you to avoid the cost and hassle of renting a business space. Moreover, using a log cabin will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of time you spend travelling to and from work each day. It will also enable you to save money on utility bills by avoiding heating costs.

Freya Pent Log Cabin

A log cabin is a great way to maximise your garden and get the most out of your outdoor space. Whether you want to use it as a garden room, home office, or entertainment room, it will add value to your property and provide a beautiful usable space.

A modern take on a classic log cabin design, the Fraya pent cabin comes with an apex roof that creates a stylish and functional space. This cabin also features joinery-made double doors glazed in high strength SAN styrene, and a built-in storage area. It can also be secured with padlocks (not included).

The 45mm log thickness is perfect if you’re looking for a more sturdy and durable building. It is stronger and more resistant to harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal option for outdoor use. It’s also recommended to install double glazing in a 45mm log cabin to help keep the heat in during winter.

Timber that isn’t kiln dried has a high moisture content and may swell during the building process. This can cause problems because it may not fit together correctly and could lead to leaks in the future. To avoid this, always choose kiln dried or air dried timber.

A 44mm log cabin is made from slow-grown Scandinavian softwood and uses interlocking logs to provide a secure and sturdy structure. Its apex roof and anthracite grey UPVC windows give it a contemporary look, while the 145mm thick roof purlins ensure that the building is kept below 2.5m to avoid planning restrictions.

19mm Summerhouse

Whether it’s your kids excitedly running out of the wide double doors into the garden on a summer’s day or you and your partner relaxing in some stylish rattan furniture and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of your outdoor garden space – this versatile log cabin will allow you to really make the most of your garden. Constructed in Great Britain from FSC-certified, kiln-dried timber and featuring premium 19mm tongue and groove cladding on both the walls and floor and shingle roofing this 8ft x 6ft log cabin is a perfect addition to any garden.

This model has a heavy duty timber floor that comes with substantial, fully interlocking tongue and groove boards and is supported by strong, pressure treated joists. It is also supplied with a quality felt roof covering and lock.

A key feature of this building is the large opening windows which are made from high quality, toughened glass that is joiner made and professionally draft sealed to provide maximum security and heat retention. The windows are double glazed so you will not be left feeling cold and unwelcome in your garden shed at any time of year.

The BillyOh Carmen is available in a choice of different sizes and designs with the option to choose either single or double glazing depending on your preferences and usage. This model features modern long windows and a pent design that perfectly complements any contemporary garden setting.

The cheapest log thickness is 19mm and this offers good durability but not as much weatherproofing as thicker options. It is recommended that a minimum of 10mm of insulation should be added to this model which can be bought as a kit or as a full installation service. The door and window sashes are manufactured with morticed and tenoned joints; a traditional method of joining wood that creates a rebate cut in one piece that fits a tongue cut into another. This makes a stronger and more secure join that will last a lot longer than cheaper methods of construction.

28mm Summerhouse

The next size up from 19mm is the 28mm option. This gives a stronger build and is ideal for more premium style summer houses. These log cabins can be used all through the warmer months and are great for enjoying relaxing days in your garden with friends and family. They also make a fantastic workshop for those who like to work on DIY projects in the summer months.

This thickness of timber is a popular choice for many of our garden buildings as it provides an excellent balance between cost and strength. It’s a great option for those looking to enjoy their log cabin all year round as it can be easily kept warm with the addition of double glazing and a well-insulated floor.

Our log cabins come with a range of different windows and doors options, depending on the thickness of the timber you choose. Each option features joinery made doors and windows using morticed and tenoned joints. This is a traditional method of joining wood and involves cutting a rebate or ‘groove’ into one piece of timber which then fits perfectly over a tongue cut in another piece of timber. This is a much stronger joint than other forms of joining timber such as dovetailing which can often weaken over time.

Generally speaking, the thicker the logs, the higher the quality of the build and the greater the insulation value. It’s worth remembering though that walls aren’t the only factor when it comes to insulating your log cabin, the double glazing you use and the type of insulation you choose will all have an effect on how warm and cosy your building is.

66mm Summerhouse

Unlike block built buildings which are made up of a series of individual blocks, log cabins use interlocking timber cladding to create the building. The notching of the timber ensures that each piece fits snugly together, and with care, there will be minimal gaps and draughts. These gaps and draughts need filling with either chinking (sticks or mud) or a sealant to make the building watertight.

The most common log thickness is 28mm. This is suitable for summer use as it provides good insulation against heat loss and also sound absorption. The timber used is slower grown and this makes for a stronger, more durable and premium feeling building.

When the building is being used for longer periods of time or in the winter then a higher level of insulation should be considered. This will help to keep the inside of the building warm throughout the colder months and reduce energy bills for heating.

A basic insulation version is available for most log cabins and this works well for insulating regular garden buildings that will be used all year round. This is achieved by using a twin skin construction with polyurethane boards between the logs and an air gap.

For a modern log cabin that can be enjoyed all year round then a BillyOh Carmen log cabin is the perfect choice. This contemporary summerhouse has a pent roof and uses 19mm T&G cladding for a modern design that suits a wide range of garden settings. The logs are treated with a high quality wood preservative but it is recommended that a further treatment is added in the Autumn or Winter. This will help to protect the logs against any atmospheric moisture that may cause them to swell in Winter and will extend the life of the building.