Log Cabins

Log cabins are just starting to become big

Prefabricated Timber Cabins are a simple and popular solution for everyone looking for a garden house, garden shed, summerhouse or even an alternative option – residential log cabins. They are just getting popular and the reason are well known – the low price tag and the great amount of options being on the very top of list. The times are changing and the people are looking for an easy, inexpensive and reliable solution to trust.

Building a log house or constructing any other kind of garden construction should not be a difficult task that takes months to do. Trust Timberhouses and offer the great advantages of our log houses to your customers. We offer a great variety of garden log cabins and other timber products, and each and every of them are a great option to choose for you and your customers as well. It’s a practical solution – the wooden houses offered in our site are easy to build and made out of the best quality materials. They will reach you as quickly as it is possible and the beautiful designs of every single one of them make them a great and reliable purchase for everyone in need for a log house all around the world. Easy-to-understand house plans guarantee that both you and your customers will get all the required information about our products before you do the purchase.

But it doesn’t stop just there. We offer a wide variety of products – our fencing options are wide, we offer various Log cabins for you to choose from, as well as Camping pods, bespoke log cabins, laminated or Glulam log houses, and Standard log buildings. Garden arches, garden arbors and of course, wooden gazebos and gazebos kits will give any garden even more beautiful while the garden furniture will add more and more practicality. Garden tables, wooden garden benches and other outside furniture – we have it all.

When it comes to extra equipment, we have you covered, wooden doors and windows will only help to keep your customers satisfied. Put your business to the next level and offer inexpensive and reliable solutions. Trust Timberhouses and offer great quality now.

28 mm log cabins can give you a great middle-ground to fit most of your needs. Your customers will love the garden sheds made out of the best quality materials, and you also will love the low price we offer. Timber houses offer you the 28 mm log cabins – an easy-to-build but highly reliable option you and your customers can trust.

We are well known around Europe as one of the most trusted producers of log cabins – our name is often mentioned amongst the leaders. We produce log cabins, garden sheds, timber garages, garden furniture, and so on – the choices are huge but we take great pride in our log cabins. And these 28 mm log cabins can serve as some great places for storage and maybe as well as simple, yet reliable summerhouses.

They are easy to build and you can use this to your advantage, whether selling log cabins as they are or building them for your clients for an even more simple and reliable solution.

We are a well-known company but our logos are not seen around so often. Why is that? It’s because we not only offer you a great selection of 28 mm log cabins, that can serve you and customers in many purposes but we also don’t put our logos so you can sell those under your name – all this high quality can be yours. Contact us with your visions and make sure to let us know about your next business idea. We can give you a great helping hand and offer you some great garden sheds – we will act only as the place to make your vision come true and we will do so only with the best materials around. Our garden cabins are made out of the highest quality Siberian spruce – a material you can easily trust, a material that can withstand many weather hazards without a problem. Timber houses great 28 mm log cabins made out of the highest quality materials – all under your name.

45 mm log cabins

Here in Timber houses, we offer you the best middle sized log cabins that can be used to fulfill a plenty of various needs. These log cabins are the real medium range and they can be the very same small garden sheds as well as they can act as some real summerhouses. We have a wide choice of 45 mm log cabins, and they can get as versatile and brilliant as you want to because here in Timber houses we believe in customization. Contact our experts and tell them what kind of log cabins your company is interested in. Our trusted experts will be happy to help you – we have over twenty years of experience in this area and we are well known all around Europe – our garden sheds are popular and well known. How come you haven’t seen our logos in the many log cabins all around the continent? Simple – we don’t put them there. You can order your 45 mm log cabins and be sure that the only thing that helps you to tell our log cabins apart will be only the build quality of the highest order and the very best Siberian spruce – a material used for the best quality log houses, therefore used in the log houses of Timber houses.

We know how good quality should look like and we ar ready to help you in whatever vision you might have. We build many great and different things out of timber – garden furniture, children’s playhouses, gazebos and so on. And here we offer 45 mm log cabins who can be turned into everything you desire. We give you the materials and the hard work, mixed together with skill and experience to get everything done the way it should be. We offer you our wide selection of garden sheds. And you bring in your visions and your knowledge. And then we can make this work. Allow Timber houses to be your main supplier or log cabins.