pioneer log cabin kings

Pioneer Log Cabin Kings – Behind the Scenes at the World’s Largest Log Home Builder

pioneer log cabin kings

At Pioneer Log Homes, master craftsmen roll up their sleeves and sculpt beautiful Red Cedar into cabins, homes, and other log-hewn structures. It’s work they absolutely love, day in and day out.

The Williams Lake-based company is 40 years old and has 120 employees working at three construction yards and one office. It’s a family business, and they are a firm believer in green building and sustainability.


Pioneer Log Homes is one of the world’s largest builders of handcrafted log homes. The company is based in Williams Lake, British Columbia and has been around for 40 years with 120 employees. They produce a variety of different log structures from cabins and rentals to large custom mansions.

HGTV’s Timber Kings is a show that follows a group of master builders at Pioneer Log Homes as they travel across North America to build one-of-a-kind log homes. They are a team of artists who are dedicated to making each house unique and amazing. They also take viewers behind the scenes of their builds.

The series airs on HGTV and is produced by Paperny Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada. Its ratings are high and it has garnered positive reviews from both critics and viewers alike.

Timber Kings is a television show that focuses on the hard work and dedication of the crew at Pioneer Log Homes. The show consists of several episodes that follow the crew as they construct one-of-a-kind log cabins.

In the premiere episode, the team assembles a 4,400 square foot lakefront log cottage. This is a very difficult task as the winter weather puts everything at risk. The crew has to use a series of impossibly narrow bridges in order to get the materials they need to complete the project.

Another episode focuses on a luxury twin-turreted vacation home that sits on the edge of a 100-foot cliff, which is incredibly dangerous for the team to build on. They must rely on their teamwork to keep everyone safe and finish the building in time.

The team has a strong bond and it is evident in every episode that the team has a lot of fun. They also have a great sense of humor and make sure that the crew is treated well during construction.

Throughout the season, the crew will be traveling to various locations across Canada and the United States to build custom log homes for their clients. Whether it is a simple tree fort or a huge log mansion, the team will go above and beyond to ensure that their client’s dream becomes a reality.


HGTV’s top-rated reality series Timber Kings takes us behind the scenes at Pioneer Log Homes, the largest log home builder in the world. The show focuses on the company’s commitment to customers, family, faith and hard work. It draws in more than six million loyal viewers weekly from Sweden to New York City and over 150 countries worldwide.

The reality show combines the artistry, craftsmanship and fearlessness of Pioneer’s master log smiths with behind-the-scenes construction drama. Whether they are building a massive 53,000 square foot custom log home in Moscow, Russia or a cozy cabin for a single parent in rural Ontario, the team is determined to deliver the very best in a home they’ll be proud of for years to come.

Watch Timber Kings on HGTV Canada starting January 5th at 10pm!

The show is based in Williams Lake, BC and follows the grueling, jaw-dropping experiences of the master log smiths as they build one of their most ambitious projects ever. The series is part drama and part educational experience.

Fans of the pioneer log cabin kings will love this new series on HGTV Canada. It explores the grit and tenacity of the master log smiths of Pioneer Log Homes in British Columbia as they create the ultimate log home in a breathtaking setting.

From a mud-filled challenge in the backyard to a snowy build at Big White Ski Resort, there’s plenty of excitement for viewers. Throughout the season, Peter is pushed to his limit while building an enormous log house for a Russian client, Bryan Sr. is forced to bring an old crane dubbed the “rust bucket” out of retirement and Joel wrecks an 18-wheeler during a winter build in Ontario, all while Beat works in secret on something for the Calgary Stampede Parade.

With each episode, we get to see the artistry and craftsmanship of the Pioneer crew as they work to craft each project from a log that hasn’t even been cut to a finished structure. The show is also filled with beautiful shots of B.C.’s spectacular wilderness, revealing the real personalities that make up resource towns in the province.

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The pioneer log cabin kings are expert craftsmen who build jaw dropping, one-of-a-kind dream dwellings that are made from massive trees. The show follows their work in Williams Lake, British Columbia and features many of their amazing homes that are crafted to be a one-of-a-kind experience for their clients.

The first season of TIMBER KINGS debuted in March and featured Pitts and his team at Pioneer Log Homes as they worked on the home of Barry and Kim Retchloff. Their project was the first time they had built a large log cabin, and it was an interesting and exciting experience.

TIMBER KINGS is produced for Destination America by Paperny Entertainment with Adam Wilkenfeld, David Paperny and Cal Shumiatcher as executive producers. They are also responsible for the show’s branding, which is similar to that of Discovery Network, with a globe, the tagline “The Stuff Dreams Are Made From,” and a circular black font.

This series is perfect for anyone who is interested in the art of log home building and its history. It provides a clear perspective of how these houses are crafted and the challenges that they face throughout their construction.

For the Retchloffs, their dream was to have a log cabin that would feel like home away from home. They consulted with several companies to find the best possible option and eventually settled on Pioneer Log Homes of Canada.

The house was a huge project, and the crew had to get the job done within a tight schedule. The team had to cut the timbers, disassemble them and ship them to the Retchloffs’ lot in Rogersville. Once the cabin was completed, the team had to reassemble the pieces into the house that they had been hired to build.

They had to use their skills and experience to complete the project as quickly as possible and at the same time maintain the beauty of the design they created for the Retchloffs. The end result is a stunning log cabin that will surely be a source of pride for the Retchloffs for years to come.


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