peter pioneer log homes

Pioneer Pioneer Log Homes

peter pioneer log homes

A pioneer log home is one of the most exquisite, sought after homes in the world. Each log is hand peeled and hand carved to fit together seamlessly.

In season two of HGTV’s Timber Kings, the men and women at Pioneer Log Homes in Williams Lake, British Columbia, are followed as they make some of the most breathtaking log homes around the globe.

Season 1

Pioneer log homes is the world’s largest builder of handcrafted log homes. Each home is designed and crafted by a team of master builders. They use logs that have been carefully peeled and hand-carved. They also use a variety of woods from around the world, including maple, spruce, redwood, birch and cedar.

Each of these woods has its own unique qualities, and their moisture content is very important to the overall construction process. Cedar, in particular, is very stable and does not expand or contract as much as other types of wood. It’s a good choice for log homes because it is resistant to fire and can be used in a wide range of climates.

HGTV’s Timber Kings follows the master builders of Pioneer Log Homes, a leading builder of custom log homes. The group travels across North America to construct log homes.

They are a humorous dynamic and friendly team that always puts their customers first, while demonstrating their passion for craftsmanship and building. Each member of the crew specializes in different areas of the construction process, from log peeling and sawing to erecting and finishing.

They are firm believers in reforestation, using recycled materials and green building practices. They also pride themselves on their quality of work and attention to detail. Their craftsmanship is unsurpassed and their finished projects are as beautiful as they are functional.

Season 2

In the second season of peter pioneer log homes, the Timber Kings travel across North America constructing incredible log homes. With a combination of comedy and serious competition, these master builders showcase their tremendous passion for their job.

The series opens with Peter and his crew putting the finishing touches on a stunning cliff-side log home in North Carolina. Peter also battles a stuck truck, builds in darkness and dreams up an outhouse fit for a king.

When a young boy, Peter, goes outside in the forest clearing at his grandfather’s house, a duck jumps out of a pond nearby. He tries to swim away but gets swallowed by a local wolf.

This episode also features the unveiling of a wedding gazebo that was donated to the local church by the Timber Kings. It also includes a challenge for Beat and Sam to take part in a paint ball battle on their client’s acreage.

The show also showcases the building of two summer getaway homes, one in Alberta and another in Alaska. The Timber Kings also build a daredevil mountain bike jump for a client, destroy a massive barn and construct a bed for Joel’s wife.

Season 3

Pioneer Log Homes is the world’s leading log construction company, and this season they’re back with their most epic builds ever. From a remote Oregon home to a luxury twin-turreted vacation home on the edge of a 100-foot cliff, these log builders take on some of their most exciting and dangerous projects yet.

In Canada, Andre tries his hand at building an earthquake-proof house in Kamploops, while Beat creates a log-based fishing lodge and Bryan Jr. feels the heat to recreate a cozy log home that burned down.

Meanwhile, Joel takes on a huge client’s last-minute requests, including a giant walk through tree and elaborate totem pole. And Peter travels to the historic gold rush town of Barkerville, BC to build an authentic mining shaft house.

The Timber Kings also battle the elements to build a retirement home for childhood sweethearts, and enlist a rookie crew to construct a vacation home in Wisconsin. They even enlist Peter’s former crane operator to help judge the first crane competition of the season! In between, they reclaim a game warden’s cabin in British Columbia and build an elaborate archway for the Williams Lake Stampede. And they’re not above battling mud to construct a post and beam home in Alberta.

Season 4

Pioneer Log Homes constructs luxury residences and unique projects that are shipped and reassembled for clients all over the world. These master builders use hammers and huge logs to make dreams come true.

Season 4 of peter pioneer log homes follows the team of master builders from the self-proclaimed log home capital of Williams Lake, Canada. They build homes and cabins that aren’t just homes, they’re works of art.

Joel builds an earthquake-proof home in Vancouver Island, Beat moseys over to Germany for a Western-style saloon and Andre travels to Kamploops, BC to construct a modern timber-frame home. In addition, Peter and Bryan Sr. battle swollen logs and a mud mired build site in the Alberta prairie to create a high-end cottage.

In Utah, Beat delivers a home for a frugal client who wants to do it all for himself. He also creates a competing chicken coop mansion and covets a magazine cover story.

Then, a Catholic priest convinces Bryan Sr. and Peter to build a wedding gazebo for free. In foggy Newfoundland, Peter erects a duck-hunting cabin and gets initiated into island culture. And Bryan Jr. feels the heat to recreate the cozy log home a British Columbia couple lost to fire.

Season 5

The fifth season of peter pioneer log homes takes the reality building show to the next level. The series features the world’s best log home craftsmen as they build stunning log homes around the globe.

This episode, Joel builds an enormous house in the wilderness for a millionaire client he’s never met. Bryan Sr. promises to make amazing log furniture and Beat must deliver, while Peter plays the role of a lifetime, all in the name of workplace safety!

Meanwhile, Joel pinch hits in Oregon by building a home he’s never seen before using a crane he wishes he wouldn’t have to use again. Bryan Jr. travels to northern Saskatchewan to replace a cabin that burned to the ground months earlier. And Beat constructs the ultimate summer cottage in Ontario’s lush countryside.

In the meantime, Andre’s GM and master salesman must lead his first build in more than 10 years, Beat has to collaborate in carving a hairy friend, and Peter pushes Bryan Jr. to the breaking point in a fight for new equipment.

Watch the fifth season of peter pioneer log homes to see what happens when the guys at Pioneer are under pressure. They’ll take on projects that are both challenging and fun, and you’ll learn what it means to be a member of the crew!

Season 6

This new season of peter pioneer log homes follows the world’s largest log home builder as they construct some of the most exquisite and sought after log homes around the globe. The Timber Kings travel across North America, showcasing their tremendous passion and talent for getting the job done while maintaining a humorous dynamic and friendly competition amongst themselves.

In Idaho, Beat erects an over-sized log cabin with twin turrets to satisfy a wealthy client who wants an oversized vacation house. Bryan Jr. remodels a local bar for a penny-pinching friend, while Peter turns inventor to solve a work yard problem.

Andre and Joel build competing chicken coop mansions, while Andre covets a magazine cover story. The crew also ratchets up their rivalry with Bryan Jr. when they engineer a log yard challenge.

A wolf is bred and kept in a shipping container when it’s discovered that the wolf will be sold to a hunter who sticks his rifle in the styrofoam box to intimidate the animal. After it’s freed, the wolf and Peter walk side by side through awestruck crowds. But the hunter catches on to what’s happening, and he shoots it out of anger before the two can meet in the middle.

Season 7

HGTV’s favorite log home building company is back for an all new season. The crew of Pioneer Log Homes builds bespoke log homes across the country. The series is a fresh inside peek at some of their most spectacular finished homes and the challenges they face when building them.

Co-host Andre Chevigny was inspired to get into the business when he started peeling logs as a teenager. He quickly mastered the art of slinging and shaping logs and began his career with a company that specialized in peeling logs.

In the seventh season of peter pioneer log homes, the Pioneer team tackles a luxury twin-turreted vacation home on the edge of a 100-foot cliff, a challenging modern log home in Northern BC and a rickety handmade raft for white water rapids in Alberta. Meanwhile, Andre travels to Kamploops, BC to create a modern timber frame home for his nephew and Joel pinch hits in Oregon with an oversize project for a wealthy client.

Peter’s dream of hunting and catching a wolf comes to fruition when his grandfather brings a caged animal into the village on a cart, causing him to escape the garden with a wooden pop gun. The wolf’s owners are disappointed but Peter proudly takes it to the zoo.