45mm interlocking timber

The Bucknells Log Cabin From Shire – A Strong and Durable Garden Room

45mm interlocking timber

If you’re looking for a garden room that’s as sturdy and durable as it is stylish, then we’ve got something for you! This range of garden log cabins are expertly crafted from ethically-sourced, kiln-dried timber.

The walls are made from interlocking logs, while the floor and roof are made of 19mm tongue and groove premium timber. Combined with pressure treated bearers and a superior felt cover, this is an exceptionally strong, weathertight garden building that will last for decades!


Interlocking timber is a common type of timber used in outdoor buildings, and this 44mm version of it offers superior strength and insulation. It also has a double tongue and groove construction, which provides more stability in the logs. This makes them a better choice for heavy-duty uses such as garden offices and garages, as well as a great alternative to 12mm summerhouses.

Another benefit of 44mm interlocking timber is that it is more insulated than 28mm, meaning it will reduce the need to heat your cabin during the colder months. This will significantly decrease running costs and make your building comfortable all year round.

Our range of 44mm interlocking timber log cabins is available in both apex and pent styles, and we have a variety of sizes to choose from. We also offer a number of different finishes, including felt tiles, cedar shingles, and slatted roofs.

This style of interlocking timber comes with a four chamfered notching joint system which ensures that everything is tight and secure, and requires hardly any adhesives or nails to install. It is a popular choice for log cabins, as it makes them easy to build and gives them a high level of quality.

These specialised log cabins are a popular choice for garden offices and garages, as they offer superior warmth and protection from weather, making them the perfect place to work throughout the colder months. They are more expensive than other options, but will save you money in the long run by reducing your heating costs.


28mm interlocking timber is a strong and sturdy product that can be used in many garden shed construction, retaining walls or other projects. The timber is a middle European pine that is pressure treated and is available in four sizes to suit your needs. You can also order a sample to see how the timber will look before purchasing.

The 12 x 12 Bucknells Log Cabin from Shire with its traditional design and overhanging canopy, gives you the perfect space in which to relax and unwind in your garden or to make a great workshop, hobby room, office, teenager’s den, dining space or more. Made from 28mm interlocking logs and 14mm tongue and groove boards for the roof and floor, this log cabin is a sturdy model that is built with durability in mind. It also benefits from georgian style joinery made lockable doors which have 3/4 length horticultural glazing and one opening window allowing plenty of natural light into the internal space.


45mm interlocking timber is a popular choice for garden cabins, summerhouses and sheds due to its strength and durability. This type of timber is kiln-dried and provides a good level of insulation for outdoor buildings. This type of timber is also known for its weather-resistant properties and will help prevent rot. It can be painted and stained to suit your tastes. It is available in a variety of lengths depending on the building’s requirements. The thicker the logs, the better they will insulate your home.

Our range of 45mm logs comes in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. We also offer other log thicknesses such as insulated twinskin garage options, so please contact us if you require more information.