The Different Types of Log Cabin Timber

Buying a log cabin is more than just a home. It’s an emotional purchase.

Choosing the correct building is crucial to ensure it’s used throughout the year without the worry of high heating bills. This is why we offer a range of different log thickness options, starting with 19mm cladding and going up to 44mm.


Log cabins with 19mm thick logs offer a great entry level option to log buildings. They’re a lot stronger than summerhouses at the same price point and will still provide plenty of space to enjoy all year round. These log cabins are made from slow-grown timber that’s tightly interlocked, and with a single tongue and groove system they’re a sturdy build.

This thickness will allow a good amount of heat to be retained inside the building, even in the winter. This is ideal for garden offices, which are typically used throughout the winter, or any other use that requires more than just sunny days and warm evenings. This is a noticeable increase in the initial investment compared to a 28mm building but it’s worth it for the peace of mind that you can use your cabin all year round.

If you’re considering purchasing a log cabin that uses this thickness of timber, it is recommended that you opt for double glazing. This will help to keep the heat in and reduce heating costs. This is a fantastic choice for anyone that wants to make their log cabin as homely and comfortable as possible, without spending a fortune.

If you’re looking for a premium look and feel to your log cabin, you could also consider cedar or cypress instead of pine. These wood species have natural qualities, which pine doesn’t, that give them a unique edge over the competition. This doesn’t normally come with a significant price uplift, but it will add to the aesthetic of your log cabin and make a much more impressive statement in your garden. These log cabins also require more maintenance than other varieties of timber due to their increased moisture content.


If you’re looking for a log cabin with thick walls but on a budget, then a 28mm model is the perfect choice. The wall thickness is enough to keep the building insulated and warm throughout the winter months. This makes a log cabin with 28mm walls ideal for use as a garden office, playroom or workshop.

The 28mm log cabin range includes a great selection of different styles and designs. You’ll find everything from more premium style summer houses to larger, contemporary log cabins. This makes it easy to find a building that’s perfect for your needs and garden space.

A 28mm log cabin will feature thick interlocking logs as standard and will come with double glazed doors and windows for maximum light and heat retention. You can also upgrade to a higher level of insulation by choosing an option with Celotex floor and roof insulation. This will help to keep the building warm and cosy in winter, even when used on its own.

Despite being the thinnest in our range, a 28mm log cabin is still sturdy and strong. This is thanks to the fact that they are manufactured using laminated timber, which is engineered for strength and durability. Laminated timber is made from small sections of real wood that are precisely machined and glued together. This creates a stronger and more durable timber that is less likely to twist and warp than solid wood.

The floor and roof of a log cabin with 28mm walls are both constructed from tongue and groove boards. The joists are pressure treated, which ensures that they will be protected against moisture and rot for many years. This is important as the joists are in direct contact with the ground.


The 44mm log thickness provides a strong building that is ideal for use throughout the year. The thicker logs offer more protection from harsh weather conditions and are great for retaining heat through the winter months, particularly when used with double glazing. The higher level of insulation makes this timber type ideal for log cabins that are intended to be used as a garden room, home office or games room.

As the logs are so much thicker than those in 28mm buildings they also provide a more sturdy structure, with greater durability and longevity for heavy-duty use. Generally, these thicker logs will not twist or warp as easily as those in thinner buildings due to their heavier weight and size. They can be constructed with ease and are usually sourced from Siberian or Nordic slow grown sustainable timber, providing superior durability to help them withstand the British climate.

When a log cabin is supplied with pre-installed Multi-foil insulation, then the thicker logs can be expected to offer even better thermal performance. These types of log cabins are also often referred to as ‘warm and cosy’ cabins and can be used all year round without the need for a heater, offering great value for money.

Typically, these models are offered by specialist suppliers rather than those that also supply sheds and summerhouses. They are more expensive than those with 28mm logs, however, the price uplift is justified by their ability to retain heat and thereby reduce heating costs. The most common species of wood used is pine, however, other options including spruce, cedar and cypress are available as these provide additional natural characteristics that can add to the overall look and feel of the building.


The 44mm log cabin is 57% thicker than 28mm and offers a higher level of durability to protect against harsh weather conditions. This thickness is ideal for larger log cabins, and it also helps to provide a better level of insulation. These thicker logs are often crafted using double tongue and groove joinery. This method of construction creates a stronger and more durable structure, and it also reduces the number of joints that need to be treated with stain or paint. The logs used in these structures are typically kiln or air dried, which helps them retain their shape during the building process.

The thicker 44mm logs also help to keep heat inside the building, making it a good choice for winter use. This makes it a popular option for garden offices and other outdoor living spaces. Many log cabins in this thickness come with pre-installed insulation to further enhance their energy efficiency. These features are often complemented by draught seals around the windows and doors to prevent cold drafts from entering the building.

A log cabin with a pent roof is an excellent way to add a modern touch to your garden. These structures are usually constructed from a combination of different log sizes and can be fitted with opening windows for a light and airy feel. They also tend to have a more modern exterior design than other types of log cabins.

A log cabin with a pent roof can be a great addition to any backyard. These structures are easy to build and can be assembled in a few days. However, it’s important to choose the right type of timber for your building. Choosing the wrong type of timber can lead to problems during the construction process and may even damage the building after it is finished.


This is the thickest log thickness and a great choice for those wanting to make their garden building warm enough to use all through winter. It is a little more expensive than other timbers, but you are paying for quality, strength and insulation.

Our bespoke range of 70mm log cabins feature full interlocking corner logs which have been precisely milled and notched out to ensure the corners slot together easily and tightly – without the need for screws or nails. This is a more traditional method of log cabin construction and it also allows for timber movement as the weather changes. It is recommended that you treat the building after it has been assembled to protect it from rot and insects.

These cosy garden buildings are perfect for those who want to relax in their back garden through the colder months and offer excellent value for money. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a summer house, garden office or even a gym.

A cosy log cabin can be a wonderful place to entertain guests and family through the spring, summer and autumn, but it will also be warm enough for a sleepover or games room come the colder months. The thicker walls of a 70mm cabin are ideal for retaining heat which will allow you to use your garden building all year round.

Our bespoke range of 70mm log cabins are manufactured from the highest quality European Redwood, sourced from eastern Europe and Scandinavia. This is a high-grade, slow-grown timber, which is known for its stability and strength. Our joists and floor boards are pressure treated, so they’re protected against insects and rot. This treatment will need to be reapplied yearly, which is included in your maintenance pack.