timber kings pioneer log homes

Timber Kings Pioneer Log Homes

timber kings pioneer log homes

Timber Kings pioneer log homes have always been a popular choice for homeowners. Their designs are stylish and their prices are affordable. They are built with quality craftsmanship and have many features that make them the perfect home. Some of the main features include notches and joinery, as well as the size and design of the home.

HGTV reality television show

Timber Kings is a reality television show about the building of upscale log homes for affluent clients. It follows the crew from Pioneer Log Homes, a log home construction company based in Williams Lake, B.C., as they build and ship their multi-million dollar log homes around the world.

The Timber Kings show has been a hit with its viewers. It also has garnered positive reviews from critics. However, it hasn’t been renewed by HGTV.

Timber King’s House is a reality show about a family-owned company that builds log houses in remote areas of Canada and the US. Each house is constructed from large log beams and has an outdoor terrace area. The biggest room of the house is the dome, which contains a unique breakfast nook with seating for up to 30 people.

The Timber Kings show is part of a partnership between HGTV and Paperny Entertainment, a production company based in Vancouver. The Timber Kings Houses has been a major success with HGTV viewers, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Timber Kings is one of the most watched and highest rated shows on HGTV. The show has had multiple seasons. As of November 2015, the Timber Kings show has already aired three seasons.

Timber Kings also has a sitcom element. Each episode has a cast of humorous characters. In one episode, the Timber Kings travel to Central Alberta to build a log home for a couple outside of Ponoka.

In another episode, they build an oversized log house in the wilderness for a client. They even go so far as to turn a kids’ playhouse into a mini man cave.

Origins of the company

Timber Kings is a new HGTV original series that follows the hard work and dedication of the crew at Pioneer Log Homes. They are a team of artists that create stunning custom log homes.

Timber Kings features several of Pioneer’s most impressive builds and takes viewers behind the scenes of the construction process. In the premiere episode, the crew is shown assembling a 4,400 square foot lakefront log cottage.

The show also features six master craftsmen of Pioneer. One of these craftsmen, Martin, comes to Pioneer from Switzerland. He has been with the company for twenty years. His favorite part of the job is seeing his customers’ faces when their custom log home is reassembled.

During Season 1 of Timber Kings, viewers see how the crew uses the latest in log home design and construction techniques. They use European woodworking methods to craft luxury log homes. As the largest log home building company in North America, they also employ innovative installation and fitting methods.

Timber Kings demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Aside from building magnificent log structures worldwide, the team has created playhouses, hotels, and barns. The company can also assist in submitting engineering and permit requirements.

While the show only showcases a few of the 4,000 square feet of logs they are capable of building, they are able to complete a wide range of log frame structures. This includes rental cabins, custom and semi-custom log homes, and Red Cedar carvings.

In addition to the show, the company is expanding its presence in the U.S. They are now reassembling logs in Plain, Wisconsin. Currently, they have a yard containing millions of dollars worth of log inventory.

Notches and joinery

Notches and joinery in timber kings pioneer log homes are not only an essential part of building a log cabin, but they also help to ensure that the home is structurally sound. Using the correct joinery methods will prevent air and moisture from getting into the house, as well as keeping the home from rotting.

Dovetail notches are ideal for replicating the look of an Appalachian-style log cabin. However, they are more complex to make than other types of notches. If you have the time and patience, this method is a great option.

The Scandinavian Saddle Notch is another option for a traditional finish. It can be learned by anyone and doesn’t require sealing. In addition, it isn’t as time-consuming to build as other notching methods.

The corner post method is the most common type of log cabin notching. This involves a hidden joint. It’s perfect for an Appalachian-style log home because it creates a very different look.

Typically, you’ll find that these notches are cut by hand, although some can be made using a template. You’ll need a lot of precision to make these notches, as well as a high level of accuracy.

The Butt and Pass notch is another construction technique for log cabins. It’s quick and easy to make, but it requires some experience in carpentry.

Both methods are very energy-efficient. When built correctly, they can help to distribute heat evenly throughout the winter. Also, they have the advantage of allowing you to use various finishing materials.

Whether you’re planning to build a log home or just looking for ideas, you’ll want to consider the different options available. Choosing the right material and design can depend on the location and climate.

Size of the homes

Pioneer Log Homes is a Canadian firm that is renowned for its high-end log homes. The company employs a team of 120 employees and builds log homes around the world. They use a combination of European woodworking methods and traditional craftsmanship. In addition to their work in the home building industry, they also sell furniture and Red Cedar carvings.

Pioneer Log Homes are known to be durable and withstood tornadoes and earthquakes. A typical log home from the firm uses 100 to 125 logs and can take three to four months to build. It is built on a solid log shell that is 40 to 80 cm thick.

The main floor of the house is 1,276 square feet, while the upstairs is 1,072 square feet. The exterior walls are fitted with insulation and a lateral groove. Both the interior and exterior logs are handcrafted by Pioneer.

These homes have a complicated roofline. The entry stairs are connected to a 53-foot log post. Two tree-size pillars flank the front door. Another unique feature of the Pioneer Log Home is that it is made with salvaged old growth cedar logs.

Having a custom-built Pioneer log home is the perfect way to enjoy peace and solitude. You can choose from a wide selection of building styles and sizes. Each home is crafted with a combination of beautiful logs and peerless inter-log fastening.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia specializes in fine wood and log-hewn structures. It is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1973. They employ a team of architects, designers, salespeople and master craftsmen.

To ensure that the construction of their homes is of the highest quality, Pioneer’s design team works closely with clients. Their designers are led by Don Gesigner. He has over 30 years of experience working with log homes.

Rental cabins, cottages, and chalets

Timber Kings is a new HGTV series that follows the builders of Pioneer Log Homes. The show takes viewers inside the construction process, giving them a glimpse of how a home is made. Unlike other shows that follow builders, the Timber Kings crew builds their log homes on a client’s property.

A British Columbia log home is the perfect way to enjoy the tranquility of the British Columbia wilderness. It perfectly balances the elegance of a luxury home.

You’ll find cabin rentals with fully-stocked kitchens, comfortable beds, and amenities such as free wifi and outdoor hot tubs. Each of the cabins has satellite TV. In addition, guests can book a private guided horseback tour.

Timber Ridge cabins are located on a peaceful lot between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. They are restored pioneer log homes that were once a mountain farm. With over 100 log cabins in this beautiful community, you’ll be able to experience a truly private setting.

Saddle Ridge cabin is slope side and ski-in/ski-out. This luxurious log home is complete with a spacious yard, an outdoor deck with a gas grill, and a fire pit. It also features a professional kitchen and a master suite that walks out to an outdoor hot tub.

Pioneer Log Homes builds world-class log homes in Williams Lake, B.C. Their team includes designers, salespeople, and master craftsmen who work together to create stunning custom log homes. Guests can explore the company’s website for more information. There is a gallery of stunning photos, as well as additional information about the company.

As you’ll see on the show, the Pioneer Log Homes crew works under tight deadlines to build homes that are sure to stand up to the test of time. They are also dedicated to sustainable building practices.